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‘’Our dependency makes slaves out of us, especially if this dependency is a dependency of our self-esteem. If you need encouragement, praise, pats on the back from everybody, then you make everybody your judge.’’ Fritz Perls

Happy New Year 2019!


Dear friends, colleagues!

The past year for the Riga Gestalt Institute, and for the entire Gestalt therapists community in Latvia, was filled with new events and good experiences. First of all, I would like to say that this year was dedicated to the memory of Serge Ginger, who would have been turned 90 years old last year. We dedicated conference to his memory , as well as a meeting in Brazil, the legendary organization – FORGE, founded by Serge Ginger, we had a lot of talk and memories about Serge Ginger. I also know that the Paris School of Gestalt,which was founded by Serge Ginger, had meetings and conferences dedicated to his memory.
Over the past year, the Riga Gestalt Institute once again moved to a new office, this time, I am sure, for a long time. This room is specially designed to work in gestalt therapy, for seminars and conferences. All summer we dedicated to construction, repairing and design, and from September 1, 2018   Riga Gestalt Institute has a new, beautiful home.

As always, this year, after successfully passing the exams, there was a release of new certified gestalttherapists. Once again I want to congratulate: Natalya Moiseikova, Anna Lietskalnina, Sanita Glaudane, Daria Stukalova, Gunta Chebotareva.
At the beginning of the school year, a new students recruitment took place, so we hope that in 5 years, the Gestalt therapists will have another 20 specialists more.
Last year, the Riga Gestalt Institute began  a re-accreditation procedure in the EAGT of our training programs for gestalt therapists and supervisors.
During the year we successfully cooperated with colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Brazil and Italy. At our institute the staff of teachers has replenished. We are pleased to welcome in our ranks Ieva Zumente, Ilona Belokona, Lauma Kasatkina.
Our plans for the next year and what we expect next year.

In the upcoming 2019 Riga Gestalt Institute will be 20 years old. All these years, Riga Gestalt Institute has developed, lived crises and met with success. Over the years about a thousand students studied at the institute. Riga Gestalt Institute has released 84 certified students. 17 conferences were held, and a lot of events and meetings with colleagues from other countries and institutes were held at the institute.
The spring conference of the Riga Gestalt Institute will be devoted to the 20th anniversary of RGI. Also next year it is planned to hold traditional events: an intensive-summer school, specializations, seminars, exams, and a new set of students. In February, we plan to hold a special conference dedicated to the issue of Internet relations and gestalt therapy. At this meeting we want to discuss the prospects, possibilities and limitations of e-gestalttherapy. In short, the year 2019 promises to be rich and interesting.


Dear friends, colleagues! Let your next year be interesting, energetic, I wish you to meet   wise, talented people! Let your life and work be filled with love and inspiration!
Happy New Year 2019!
Arthur Dombrovsky


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