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"Power is in the present. Experience counts most. The therapist is his own instrument. Therapy is too good to be limited to the sick." Polster & Polster

Happy New Year!


The year 2021 is coming to an end, and at the Riga Gestalt Institute, and in the whole world, this year has turned out to be not easy, and it has already become obvious to everyone that we are living in a special period of history – era of changes.

During this year, and during this time, both in life and in psychotherapy, there were full of changes, and these changes have also affected our institute and also the entire community of psychotherapy. First of all, the digital form of teaching and online psychotherapy have become almost the norm. What seemed almost impossible 5 years ago has become an everyday reality nowadays.

During this year, RGI has worked a lot in the online format, and I can’t hide my surprise that this turned out to be quite effective to continue the educational and psychotherapeutic processes.

Of course, we have faced a huge shortage of direct human meetings, so we have structured our work in such a way that, despite all the new technologies, we give preference to direct live contact.

As we lived through the pandemic crisis, we tried to use all our creative resources to keep working and it paid off.

This year we have had a large recruitment of students, we have new, young teachers in our institute and the academic year ended with the passing of final exams and the graduation of new colleagues.

Also, we successfully managed to organize a conference and a summer outgoing intensive. The continuation of the supervisor training program was particularly challenging. But I think we managed to cope well with it. Next year, we hope that new, professionally trained supervisors will appear in the world.

We are moving forward, into 2022. Probably, no one now can predict what it will be like, but what we can do is believe and want that 2022 will become the year of health and the year of end of the crisis.

Despite the global changes that have occurred during this time, it is important for us to stand for our fundamental and humanistic values: the uniqueness of human life, the ability and importance of dialogue, respect for the diversity of opinions and methods in professional and everyday life, the possibility of live meetings.

In one of his speeches, the Dalai Lama said that in the modern world there is too much competition and too little cooperation. So that’s why for next year I would like to wish everyone less competition and more cooperation.

For the year 2022, the work plan for RGI will be aimed to strengthen the level we have reached and creating new forms.

During 2022, 3 traditional events will be held: the RGI conference (08.-10.04.2022.), it will be devoted to the methods of Gestalt therapy in the Internet space, second event- a traditional intensive/summer school (11.-18.06.2022.). The theme of the summer school will be devoted to work with couples and families, and, of course, in the fall the final exams of future Gestalt therapists. Also we are planning to launch a few new specializations for working with a group and professional development for working and new Gestalt therapists. We are planning to expand cooperation with our colleagues from other countries such as France, Germany, Ukraine, Spain and Russia. Of course, the inclusion of new forms and methods of Gestalt therapy also is one of our priorities.

Dear colleagues, dear students and dear friends, in the future 2022 I wish you, first of all, good health, love, good friends and live meetings!

Happy New Year!

Director of the Riga Gestalt Institute

Arthur Dombrovsky

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