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"Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of commodities, so the social process requires standardization of man, and this standardization is called equality." Erich Fromm

New Year congratulations!

new year 2020

Dear Colleagues!

Dear friends!
New Year congratulations! Wishing you all the best for the coming year, and traditionally I want to tell you how the year 2019 has passed, and what we plan at the Riga Gestalt Institute in 2020.


2019 year.
This year the Riga Gestalt Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary! A lot of work has been done over the years, and we devoted the conference that was held in April 2019 to the 20th anniversary of the institute.
Thanks to all the colleagues who have been with us for many years: Solvita Vectere, Baiba Pumpina, Daiga Auzina, Nikolay Scherbakov, Irena Goluba, as well as many of our friends and colleagues from other countries: Natalya Lebedeva, Elena Ivanova, Elena Petrova, Martin Masson, the late Serge and Anna Ginger, and many others. Thanks again for being with us for those 20 years!
In 2019, an E-conference was held, e-conference was about the possibilities of gestalt therapy on the Internet, 16th intensive, 2 sets of future gestalt therapists, and the graduation of   gestalt therapists, who completed the program. Graduates of  2019 are Inesa Nilova, Nils Konstantinovs, Natalya Pribyleva, Viola Mikelsone, Anastasia Mikhailova, Lyudmila Efimova, Ineta Lazdane, Erina Ivanova, Valentina Alekseeva.
Our institute was re-accredited by the European Association of Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Therapists and Supervisor Training Programs in Gestalt Therapy, as well as the graduation of 2 sets of training supervisors. From the bottom of our heart we   congratulate you on the status of supervisors – Natalya Staroborova, Elena Shlyakhetko, Daria Freidinova, Natalya Kosits-Neshkova, Vladimir Mazin, Yana Larionova, Irina Preys, Olga Gorokhova, Sergey Kondurov, Elina Svatikova.

This year we attended the EAGT conference with our great motivation to organize the next EAGT conference in Riga. We have been preparing for this presentation for a very long time, and this was our 2nd attempt to invite colleagues to Latvia. But the rules at the last moment changed, and we, with disappointment, and with relief, abandoned this prospect.
We continue to develop additional specializations at our institute and cooperate with colleagues from the Vilnius Gestalt Institute and the Tbilisi Gestalt Institute. We try to help them develop their resources and become full-fledged, strong, independent organizations that teach gestalt therapy.

Also this year we passed the licensing of our programs in Latvia and received all the necessary documents (licenses) confirming the legality of our programs in the Republic of Latvia.

It was a good, eventful, temperamental and bright year !!!


2020 year.
We have plans for next year to develop and continue our activities in the field of gestalt therapy training in the Republic of Latvia and other countries friendly to us.
We also plan to hold the 19th Conference of the Riga Gestalt Institute (17.-19.04.2020.), which will be devoted to the methodological and ethical issues of gestalt therapy.
In June, we are planning 17 intensive seminar (13-20.06.2020.), The theme of the intensive seminar is “Balance of freedom and responsibility”.

At the beginning of 2020, a student enrollment   for the training of gestalt therapists and supervisors will take place.

Also in the summer, we plan to attend the World Psychotherapeutic Congress, which will be held in Moscow, and launch several new specializations for practicing gestalt therapists. We plan the following specializations: work with eating disorders, work with couples and families, work with a group. In 2020, we are inviting Moritz Egetmeyer (Germany) to conduct a seminar on working in metaphorical associative cards. In the fall of 2020, we hope to meet Gail Feinstein (USA) at the supervisory seminar in Riga.

And of course, the main upcoming event of 2020 is the gradution of gestalt therapists, which will take place, traditionally, in October 2020.

Once again, I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year, I wish you beauty, tranquility and love in the New Year 2020!
Director of the Riga Gestalt Institute

Arthur Dombrowsky

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