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‘’Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.’’ Erich Fromm

Natalia Zaiceva

Natalia Zaiceva

Hello! I sincerely believe that with each of us initially everything is in order. And sometimes we need another, in whose eyes you will see support, acceptance, the ability to withstand a variety of Your experiences. I will help you cope with the crisis, build relationships, understand yourself

My education:

Certified Gestalt Therapist. (member of LGTA, EAGT)

Master of Psychology of Management and Supervision. Qualification consultant-supervisor (RISEBA)

Bachelor of Law. Lawyer qualification (STA)

Topics I work with in therapy:

  • Personal and professional crises;
  • loss;
  • Difficulties in relationships with partners, parents, children;
  • Personality issues: self-esteem, insecurity, servility, jealousy, hyper-control, procrastination;
  • Professional self-identification, change of professional activity;

I work with individuals and couples in therapy. The language of work is Russian, Latvian.


Practice address: Skolas 21-601

Phone: +371 25916374



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