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''Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.'' Erich Fromm

Agija Bogdanova


  • Gestalt therapist (Riga Gestalt Institute),
  • Certified gestalt practitioner
  • psychologist (RPIVA).





I’m attracted in life to everything that is true, unique, that can be touched, felt, created, sensed – to everything that in terms of gestalt can be called “true, live contact”.

In our days many people loose the ability to talk to themselves or others. World is in a hurry and we have no rest even in our dreams. Gestalt is creative therapy, therapy of presence, in which everyone can find a way to himself. Find new way of life, become true you and accept yourself – because everything starts with accepting yourself the way you are.

From my childhood I like to draw. I draw people, myself, different situations, fantasies. Through art I get to know myself, my soul; through gestalt – the power of words that can change my life.

In gestalt therapy I suggest methods of art therapy, work with dreams, consult dependent and co-dependent people. Person is a small world within a big world and each meeting is an Event.

Mob.: (+371) 29412255


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