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''Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.''' Erich Fromm





– Master of Psychology

– Gestalt therapy specialist

– Member of the Latvian Gestalt Therapy Association LGTA

– Gestalt practitioner for more than 7 years

– Registration number in the LR Register of Psychologists 7001358

– Gestalt therapy specialist certificate No. 3-III-2022

– Specialist certificate in the field of “Family counselling” no. 2022-WGI-061

– Education:

Psychologist, Baltic International Academy – master’s degree

Riga Gestalt Institute – Specialist in psychotherapy

– As part of my qualification, I continue to study CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy



▫ Private practice – consultations and therapy

▫ Individual consultations and gestalt therapy

▫ Family counselling – couples therapy

▫ Psychological support for people who have experienced various crisis situations

– relationship problems

– psychosomatic disorders

– psychological trauma

– work with crisis situations

– work with losses

– age crises

– existential problems

I am sure that our happiness is in our hands! I am a certified gestalt therapist and would love to help you create and maintain healthy, ecological relationships, deal with depression, set personal boundaries and take care of yourself. You can apply for a consultation with me and together we will find solutions for your situation!



– In person – in the office in Riga, Upes Street

– Online sessions – Zoom or Skype

– I provide consultations in Russian

– I work with insurance policies

– Set up the appointment by phone: +371 29258234

– More information:




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