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''Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.'' Erich Fromm

Anna Hudorozhkova

personalii_anna_hudorozhkovaMy name is Anna Hudorozhkova, I am a gestalt practitioner, art therapist, neurographic specialist.

I have been involved with psychotherapy for over ten years. Now I am studying at the third stage of the Gestalt Institute. I have over 800 hours of personal psychotherapy in different directions: Jungian sand therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, crisis and shock trauma therapy, gestalt therapy. And more than 1000 hours of group therapy, training courses, programs, seminars and specializations.

My aim is to make you more confident, more pleasant, more comfortable and calmer in your life. Working with me gives clients more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, more joy, pleasures and desires appear in life. Clients build relationships with loved ones, resolve conflicts at work, find new ways to cope with stress, learn to be warm, gentle and compassionate to themselves.

In my work I use metaphorical maps, body work, emotion map, emotional focused therapy (EFT), movement therapy, work with subpersonalities, transactional analysis, art techniques, drawing and neurographics.
I specialize in working with:
– body, body reactions, psychosomatics,
– eating disorders, binge eating disorder, bulimia,
– depression, low mood, sadness,
– crises “I don’t know who I am and what I want” and “Everything seems to be good, but I feel wrong”
– anxiety, overexcitation, insomnia,
– COVID19 consequences
– difficulty in saying “no” and a sense of guilt,
– difficulties and conflicts in relationships,
– losses, grief, despair.

+371 26717808анна-худорожкова/

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