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‘’Clothing and makeup and hair and all of that so much indicates the kind of person you are inside and the person you are presenting on the outside. Sometimes they are in conflict, and sometimes they are the same. That psychology of the exterior informing the interior is just so interesting.’’ Tatiana Maslany

Arthur Dombrovsky


Dr.Sci.Pth – Arthur Dombrovsky

  • psychotherapist (Gestalt Therapist Certificate)
  • supervisor and Gestalt Therapy teacher/trainer
  • culturologist
  • Founder and director of Riga Gestalt Institute



  • Institute of Social Technologies
  • Latvian Academy of Culture
  • Graduate School of Belorussian State University of Pedagogy
  • Paris School of Gestalt (Esole Parisienne de Gestalt)
  • Graduate student of Sigmund Freud University (SFU), Vienna, Austria.



Hold European Certificate of Psychotherapist and European Certificate of Gestalt Therapist
Has specialized in Jungian psychoanalysis, body-oriented therapy, NLP, EMDR, OH-card and Ericsson’s hypnosis.


Professional interests:

  • Family consulting
  • Individual Gestalt therapy
  • Group Gestalt therapy
  • Problems of mutual relationship
  • Work with sexual problems
  • Work with dreams
  • Psychological traumas
  • Work with loss and grief
  • Age crisis
  • Teaching of Gestalt therapy
  • Existential problems


My articles:

  • Размышления об эволюции семьи
  • Индивидуальные стили психотерапевта: «Психотерапия – искусство и наука»
  • «Эхо войны»
  • Проблема определения индивидуального стиля психотерапевтического взаимодействия.
  • Кино – сон культура
  • Образование как экзистенциальный вопрос
  • Интервью, газета «СУББОТА», 2002-04-11, Рига.
  • Гештальттерапия изнутри.
  • Эбаут (about) на тему супервизии
  • Ebauts (about) par supervīzijas tēmu
  • Daži aspekti iemesliem atkarībai no narkotikām no geštaltterapijas viedokļa
  • Geštaltterapija – dzīves un kontakta fenomenoloģija
  • Seksuālā Geštaltterapija
  • Seņču balsis mūsu dvēselēs
  • Un atkal par narkomāniju!

About me:

Was born on April 13th 1969 in Riga.

“All my life I have devoted to exploration of human nature. I dreamed to become a doctor and since I was 12 years old I started working in clinics and hospitals. After 8 years of studies in Latvia and France I work as psychologist and psychotherapist. I work as Gestalt therapist since 1991.


I believe that every person can find, discover and use all the things that he searches for inside himself and in the outer world. But I also believe that nothing can be achieved without effort. I believe in God, but I don’t know his name – Christ or Sigmund of maybe Fritz. I better like Buddha – Enlightened, Awakened. This is very beautiful and looks like truth to me – because every time when my clients come to me and find what they were searching for, they are like awakened from the dream. And in this case I can say that I work as an alarm clock, awakening people from their dreams.


My work, my occupation is psychotherapy (Gestalt therapy) and psychological consulting in business. I also teach Gestalt therapy.


I have studied a lot and I still study a lot. And I know for sure that all dreams come true!”


To get in contact with me, use:

Mob.: (+371) 29247763

Skype: akterd



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