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‘’Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is attainable.’’ Edward Thorndike

Daiga Auziņa

Дайга Аузиня - Гештальттерапевт, Преподаватель РГИ

  • Gestalt therapist
  • RGI lecturer/trainer

Gymnastics with yoga elements. Gestalt groups for personal growth and development.

I’m Gestalt therapist, graduated Riga Gestalt Institute. Thanks to institute’s study program I have mastered phenomenological approach in theory and practice of psychotherapy in French, Dutch, Russian and Belarusian schools of Gestalt. This knowledge enriched my theoretical and practical skills. Today I’m ready to accept any uncertainty in my life or in client’s life, conflicts between real and desired; I’m ready to see diversity of life and uniqueness of every personality. In my work I pay great attention to body, movements, sensations, spoken words and creativity in life. At the moment I continue studying dance, that I started 7 years ago, and I also improve my knowledge in gymnastics, relaxation and meditations.

Mob.: (+371) 29274545

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