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"Gestalt therapy has pioneered many useful and creative innovations in psychotherapy theory and practice that have been incorporated into the general psychotherapy field. " Gary Yontef, Lynne Jacobs

Edgars Kišs Stalidzāns

personalii_edgars_stalidzansEdgars Kišs Stalidzāns

As my advantage I consider professional work experience acquired in
different countries in different spheres, the ability to understand
the system and its conditions, to choose the priorities in every
society and culture – successfully align to those or keep my
focus on my unique path.

I work with clients in need of support, solutions and enhanced
awareness in situations when a person:
•    feels constant stress – difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, rapid breathing and heartbeat, irritating situations that did not irritate before;
•    complications in the relationship (family, work) – various conflicts, low physical intimacy;
•    work with psychological traumas – inability to adapt to life situations, unrealized internal potential;
•    overwhelmed with fear;
•    crisis intervention for acute patients – if a close person is lost, longed mourning;
•    middle-aged crisis – the search for meaning in life;
•    depression – feels sad, tired, hopeless, apathetic;
•    supportive therapy – maintenance of professional dialogue;
•    interaction of multidisciplinary specialists (if necessary).
•    low self confidence
•    When reflecting, I highlight, “unpack”, lay out and summarize the resources of the other or the group and discovered a common chain of interaction and their influence on each other for the participants, creating an impulse for effective, balanced development and operation.

Edgars Kišs Stalidzāns
Tel: +371 29724007

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