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''Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.'' Erich Fromm

Elina Zelchane


“Soul, like the body, lives from what it’s feed with”

M.Phil (University of Latvia)
Gestalt Therapist (Gestalt Institute of Riga)


My path towards the world and self-discovery began with literature. J.W. Goethe, H.Hesse, M.Kundera… These and other authors led me think about the relationships between people, how we accept the world around us and how to coexist with our inner deamons. Later, there were phylosophical studies, attempts to delve into the essence of things and efforts to put the chaotic world in a little more order. However, after 6 years of studies, it still felt as if something was missing. I greatly expanded my intellectual horizon, but the soul still cried “feed me!” I realized that I want to focus on the depths of the human soul and instead of thoughts pay more attention to feelings and emotions.

On 2012. I finished my studies of Gestalt therapy. I belive that therapy can help on the way to introspection, because during these years I’ve been in the role of a client as well and verified the methodology of Gestalt therapy thourh my own experience.

I’m an author of book “From perfectionism to love” (Zvaigzne ABC, 2015). I’m lecturing about psychological topics, publish in various media, but on my free time learn how to be a loving mother for my three children.


Adress: Riga, Kr. Barona street 88/2.



phone: 26143089

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