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‘’Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is attainable.’’ Edward Thorndike

Inesa Nilova


INesa_nilova_personaliiInesa Nilova


  • Psychologist (MSc Psychology, BSA, Riga) 5001273 in the register of psychologists
  • Gestalt-therapist (certified by Riga Gestalt Institute)
  • “Group work” specialisation (Riga Gestalt Institute, 2016-2018)
  • Supervisor (EAGT study programme «Supervision in Gestalt Therapy» Riga Gestalt Institute, 2020 -2022)





Additional courses and qualifications:

  • Psychological bases of counselling and psychotherapy (prof. I. Nikolskaya, North-Western State Medical University named after I. Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg, 2013)
  • “Music Therapy. Advanced Course” Ukrainian Training Company Osnova (2019)
  • Crisis and Counselling Centre Skalbes “Crisis Intervention” course (2020)
  • «Codependency: Applying the Gestalt approach to working with codependent partners» (MGI, Gaverdovskaya P.,course supervisor),2022)
  • «Family counseling:systemic approach» (MGI, VGI, 2021-2022)


Member of the Latvian Gestalt Therapy Association (LGTA), European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT),  Latvian Association of Psychotherapists (LPB) and Latvian Association of Psychologists.


Professional interests:

  • individual counselling and therapy
  • group therapy
  • psychotherapy for children and young adults
  • group activities aimed at correcting behaviour of children with ADHD
  • psychological support for people with stroke
  • working with couples


Work experience:

  • Psychoneurophysiology and bioregulation research centre, Riga lv
  • ‘Vigor’ – Society that provides psychological support to stroke survivors and their families


  • Borodulina, K., Nilova, I. (2017). On the subject of measuring motivation with expliit and implicit methods. Conf. proc. VII International Scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students. 11-12 May 2017, Riga.


I offer counselling services in Russian, in Riga or via Skype.




Тел.(+371) 29224953


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