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''Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.'' Erich Fromm

Julia Perepyolka


Julia Perepyolka –

Psychologist (Mg.Psychology),

Gestalt therapist

Member of LGTA Latvian Gestalt Therapy Association

Member/president of LGTA (apvieniba) Latvian Gestalt Therapists Association

Member of EAP European Psychotherapy Society

Member of EAGT European Association of Gestalt Therapists.


– Individual therapy

– Group therapy

– Family therapy (child, adolescent, couples)


“Inner strength is hidden in each of us, we just need to realize it.” (Don Jose Ruiz)

Realizing yourself, your inner potential, your inner life force – perhaps this is what many people on Earth are looking for, and they can seek help with any, seemingly very different and unlike each other problems, but in the end, healing come to this common so important for all of us.


I graduated from the Higher School of Psychology in 2005, in 2009 I graduated from the Riga Gestalt Institute, at the same time I am in continuous self-development, I pass additional trainings and seminars at various masters from all over the world.


I work continuously since 2005 both with adults and children, mainly in psychotherapeutic way: with psychosomatics, with difficulties of different kinds, connected with fears, insomnia, I help to accept and understand myself and other people, with crisis situations, getting out of dead-end situations. In work I use techniques from various psychotherapeutic directions of gestalt, art therapy, body therapy, metaphorical maps, work with dreams, various projective techniques.


My contacts :


E-mail :

Phone number : +371 29123837


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