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‘’I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.’’ Fritz Perls

Linda Zeile


  • Gestalt therapist (Riga Gestalt Institute)
  • Gestalt therapist (LGTA certificate)
  • Acquired a Master degree in Arts (design, fashion design)
  • Member of Latvian Gestalt Therapy Association and the Latvian Association of Psychotherapist



I am an artist and fashion designer by my first education.  Also I am professionally acting in the field of interior design and implementing other creative projects. As a designer, I am working a lot with people, and trying to understand their desires and perception of the world, and in the same time using my own creative vision.

Gestalt has become my philosophy of life, a way to feel more happy and free. I was exited about Gestalt therapy because of it’s effective methods, sensitive approach and live contact between client and therapist. This manner of thinking showed me, that I can use my creative ideas everywhere in life, not just in the art. These and other discoveries I am sharing with clients in my gestalt therapy practice. I believe that in supporting atmosphere, side by side, it is possible to help the person to overcome his difficulties of life, and he can find the way to himself and his dreams.

And Osho said:

  • When you are creative, desires disappear.
  • When you are creative, ambitions disappear.
  • When you create, you already are the one, who you always dreamed to become.

I do private consulting as a Gestalt therapist.

Mob.: (+371) 29222369



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