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''Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.'' Erich Fromm

Maira Dzene

personalii Maira dzene

My name is Maira Dzene. I am gestalt therapist and coach of social emotional skills. I am consulting in Riga Center and online.


Since 2016 I have developed several learning programs and am leading trainings for groups and individuals to help develop awareness and recognition of emotional states and to connect them with the needs and relationships in their life. I teach techniques of emotional regulation and renewal of inner recourses.


I study gestalt therapy since 2018 un it was exciting and deep journey in to deep waters of my inner world, during. this time I developed necessary skills and acquired knowledge to support clients in the search of their inner harmony. Roots of our traumatising experience are found to our childhood and contact with our closest others. Patterns of suffering as the result of such experience can be healed and transformed in accepting and supporting relationships. Gestalt therapy is the process in which offering of the space un presence for the healing is given. Gestalt therapy is a humanistic and person-centered form of psychotherapy that is focused on a person’s present life and current challenges and helps client to develop more awareness of processes in psyche and to transform forms of creative adaptation in more harmonious ways in relation to own needs and possibilities of they satisfaction. Gestalt therapy is expressed through creative and experiential methods to enhance this self-awareness and work through several problems clients may have.


Working languages: latvian, english and russian.


How to reach me: +371 20241394 or



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