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''The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.'' Erich Fromm

Marina Pjasecka


Marina Pjasecka


  • Gestaltterapist
  • Physiotherapist – masseur
  • Coach – teacher


Additional courses:

  • RGI specialization in body-oriented therapy “My body – my life, past and present” 2019 -2020


What is Gestalt therapy for?


If you need to mourn the loss and deal with despair.

To find new resources to live and survive in a time of change.

Find the strength to take risks to change something (in family, in business).

To solve the conflict between parents and children.

To get out of an addictive relationship.

To live your life, and not by someone else’s script.

If you have no strength lately and are often in low spirit.

I would be happy to be on this path with you.


A little bit about myself.


I am the founder of the private practice “Aroma de Fleur” where my clients receive such qualified services as physiotherapy, massage, aromatherapy and other techniques aimed at healing the body and mind.

The stimulus for my work is the desire to help people to the maximum, improve their health and alleviate their condition in the short term, to restore working capacity. The creativity in my field gives my work a uniqueness – every day.

One of the most common problems that triggers the onset of the disease are emotions that

are hidden in the body and when the person does not let them to be felt.

Working with a client, step by step, I gradually lead him to recovery and help him to find support within.

I keep expanding my knowledge of psychotherapy by studying at the Gestalt Institute, this widens my capabilities and allows me to learn and apply the additional methods in my work.



Riga, Purvciems, mob. +371 26804006,


Skype: marina2043

 Instagram- @marina.pjasecka.

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